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Red Pressures inspires you to take control of your personal and business life, goals and aspirations. We can help you take the next step up the ladder, improve your leadership skills or simply become more confident.

Click one of the titles below to view some of our most popular courses and techniques that will help you achieve your goals and take you to where you want to be.

Promote work life balance for our customers. So now is the time to pose those questions and secure help and support for those burning worries thus enabling you to relax and enjoy 2013.

Latest article in inter-face Issue 21 September 2010 view the article here...

Time limited funding may be available for business mentoring and coaching. Please call Mike on 07794 523737 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you with further details. Please remember that these funding streams are time limited thus speed of contact and application is important.

Yvonne has a couple of coaching slots available on a first come first served basis. Please contact her directly on 07794 524772 she will be happy to discuss further.

Red Pressures is a family owned business that strives to promote work life balance and harmonious living for all. We support you to find business and personal solutions to identified issues.

Our conflict resolution service is second to none, whether for business or personal use. We work with business partners and family business owners to ensure high degrees of communication and remove the potential for conflict.

We support families to maintain good communications and relationships that enable positive work life balance for all.

Testimonials from our clients…

Yvonne’s work with our Senior Leadership Team has been excellent and vital to reform and rebuild a strong team. With a structure and precise process she has enabled SLT to learn about their own performance, and improve their skills

She leads by example which ensures a contagious reaction and staff seek her out, she listens and checks a mutual understanding, this encourages staff to reflect and clarify messages they are giving to other members of the team.

Good, sound working relationships have been built back up and SLT are recognising their achievements all thanks to Yvonne’s confidence building.

Yvonne delivers all this in such a well balanced way and advice is always given with perfect and appropriate timing. She is a person to be admired and SLT should continue to take this excellent opportunity to learn and develop whilst they have her influencing ways.
Annette Lee - Administration Manager

Mike was instrumental in the setting up and running of the Tamar Trotters Junior Athletics Club in Saltash, Cornwall. It is thanks to his dynamic leadership and driving enthusiasm that we have this successful club to start with. Sadly, Mike has since left us and moved back to the North East, but not before he had instilled in us all enough knowledge and encouragement to successfully continue.
Pete Bennett - Lead Coach, Tamar Trotter Junior Athletics Club.

For many years I have been impressed with the high standard of Mike’s coaching and mentoring, his support and inspiration has helped me to reach my personal goals and achieve my life’s ambitions.
Dai Richards - international athlete

A lovely person, caring and chatty. We have some lovely conversations.
Approachable and a lovely personality. Yvonne has a heart of gold.
Always smiling and friendly. Yvonne is very easy to talk to.
A wonderful person and so easy to talk to.
A very lovely person. Please never change.
Very easy to talk to, friendly and approachable.
What a great role model. A breath of fresh air.
Comments from the staff at Anthony Road Children's Centre, Birmingham

Mike Cherrington has worked as a coach for Darlington Spraire Lads & Lasses for a number of years. Mike is very professional with his coaching and all the children respond in a positive way to his methods
Dave Scott - Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses FC

I would have responded differently if I had not been on the course which has made me more aware of leadership styles and as I have been reading on the theories I was able to write in that kind of way. I have learnt a lot from you and the difference in my leadership is not just down to the course it is the impact that you have had, which has made me more effective and motivated.
Zahida Parveen - Community Development and Family Support Manager

Yvonne has worked for Spurgeons within the Birmingham Hub on a number of key strategic change management projects. Her leadership within this process has been a key contributory factor to the success of the project, leading the staff team, and ensuring a high quality service is offered. As a strategic leader Yvonne has enable staff to continue to develop and grow within there roles whilst ensuring a strong clear vision for the service, moving forward
Lee Richards - Assistant Director - Spurgeons


Our e-learning courses promote and stimulate your initial thoughts and reflections to some very common but highly stressful dilemmas that are often the cornerstone to holding you back in your life or career. The courses are designed to enable you to repeat the experience because as you do so, you become more accustomed to actually challenging and understanding your own thoughts and reflections about such issues. The courses also stimulate personal debate and support you to illicit the truth from yourself.

Go on, read through the titles and start to transform your life today. After all, what have you got to loose because this is your life and life is not a dress rehearsal for something that may or may not come our way tomorrow. As we should prepare for tomorrow whilst living each day as if there were no tomorrow. Thus seeking fun, happiness and a level of fulfillment each and every day. We should also seek to give something back to society, the world and your community as there is much reward to be achieved by giving.

I look forward to your feedback about our e-learning courses and hearing your stories of how they have supported you to begin to change your life.

The courses are completely downloadable from our shop and should take you between 2 – 4 weeks to complete on average and should be repeated to enable and strengthen your ongoing ability to reflect and develop.

We look forward to your feedback about our e-learning courses and hearing your stories of how they have supported you to begin to change your life.

It is anticipated that a course will be released each week, reflecting requests and Agony Aunt themes and issues.

Red Pressures Agony Aunt
Red Pressures Agony Aunt is a life style and life choice service that aims to provide for your organisational or individual needs by working with you to reduce your pressures and elevate you to your destiny.

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Red Pressures is a family run business that supports you to make positive changes in your lives no matter how small those changes may be. Red Pressures does not have standard packages of engagement as we bespoke all of our services to meet our customer requirements.

Yvonne, Jonathan, Luke, Melodie, Jacob and Sarah are all Darlington born and raised. Mike is a Welshman that has spent the majority of his adult life in Darlington. Emma, moved to Darlington with her family in her youth and has no plans to reside elsewhere. Emma has just finished her law degree and is currently looking for a placement to enable her to become a family solicitor.

Yvonne's parents were amongst the first migrants to settle in Darlington from Jamaica back in the 50's thus the family are very strongly and deeply routed within the Towns heritage.

As you can see from the pictures, the Cherrington's are a mixed, dual heritage family with much knowledge and understanding of family life and family issues, personal and professional issues and barriers. Please check out our profiles and learn more about the uniqueness of Red Pressures.

Introduction to Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Services
We have a variety of confidential services bespoke to meet the needs of
BAME professionals to enable you to find work life balance and elevate you into the future by eliminating barriers.

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We are offering a free financial e-learning course for all new customers in January.